Calling All International Participants

The Muslim Choral Ensemble is pleased to announce the Inaugural residency of the World Muslim Choral Ensemble (WMCE) will now be held from 17 to 24 July 2022 in Sri Lanka.

We express our thanks for your patience as we continue to navigate through ongoing pandemic situations. Even though these circumstances continue to remain a cause for concern in some countries more than others, we intend to find feasible ways to move forward, and to conduct the event with due consideration to the prevailing health and safety regulations in Sri Lanka as well as globally, ensuring the well-being and security of participating nations.

If you are a singer or musician, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, interested in being a part of this landmark initiative, we request you to send in your application in accordance with the requirements mentioned in the form found on our website for further details.

We look forward to your invaluable support and hope that together we will create this platform for peace-building and shared humanity.

Current Projects

One of the objectives of our journey is to support education among children who are less privileged and have limited opportunities. Therefore, our mission is to contribute to these children who have the potential to shine no matter who they are or where they come from. We believe everyone can be encouraged and moulded to excel with the right guidance and education, as such as a significant aspect of this Choral endeavour we are launching a CSR project to provide education to orphans who we truly believe deserve to be given our fullest support so that they can contribute in turn to society, be exemplary citizens and have a meaningful and fulfilling life through this laudable undertaking.