To communicate the creative power of our project by taking it beyond borders, breaking the barriers of silence to unite and to raise awareness as one global family; so we may respect and honor the interconnectivity and sanctity of all life without discrimination.

The Muslim Choral Ensemble's mission is to perform songs from the Muslim World, while training, and performing at the highest artistic level, through fostering individual development, collaboration and intercultural relationships.

The Journey

The Muslim Choral Ensemble follows a regimen of choral practice every week, bound by the vision of uniting and understanding through song. Thereby the choir aspires to inspire, invite and welcome those who wish to be a part of this spiritual journey undertaken by the Ensemble and to raise awareness of the mystical power of song through their voices.

The Ensemble is trained and conducted by acclaimed artistic director and senior lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts Sri Lanka, Mr. Manoj Sanjeewa, and is currently working towards a plethora of impactful and inspirational initiatives that are bound to create an atmosphere of peace and love in a world of conflict and hate.

The members of the Muslim Choral Ensemble do not identify themselves simply as “choristers” or “singers”. Each and every one of them proudly waves the banner of peace as they hold the title of “Peace Ambassadors” thereby ensuring that they utilize their vocal prowess towards promoting love, peace and humanity.

The Ensemble is currently focussed single mindedly, on working towards bringing to life the “SAMA" International Choral Festival , which is scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka from the 24th to the 30th of July 2023. This noteworthy event is a platform that promotes peacebuilding through community-focused sessions, outreach programmes and the possibility of a symposium alongside artists from across the world. The countries that will be participating in the festival include India, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, the United States, and Sri Lanka, who previously came together to inaugurate the World Muslim Choral Ensemble in 2022 which was the second phase  of achievement conducted under the auspices of the Muslim Choral Ensemble of Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Choral Ensemble is preparing to welcome the acclaimed Boston-based ensemble, VOICES 21C and the Manado State University Choir who will be working alongside leading choirs from Sri Lanka in the week long programme.  The Ensemble hopes to create an atmosphere to nurture unity and celebrate diversity amongst all parties collaborating with it at this festival, mainly through the practice sessions and performances and the community based outreach programmes.

It is further hoped that the Sama International Choral Festival under the leadership of Haadia Galely and Prof Andre and the team will build international collaborative networks, subsequently bringing together change-makers who are well-equipped to bring about change in the world.

  • Haadia Galely

    Co-founder | Executive Director

  • Professor André de Quadros

    Co-founder | Artistic Director | Composer

  • Manoj Sanjeewa

    Associate Artistic Director |

    Vocal Coach | Lecturer