Muslim Choral Ensemble

The Muslim Choral Ensemble (MCE), Sri Lanka, is
the first ensemble of its type in South Asia, and possibly the world. MCE was
co-founded in August 2017 by Haadia Galely (Executive Director), Professor
André de Quadros (Artistic Director) and supported by vocal coach Manoj
Sanjeewa and is based in the city of Colombo.

This vision was born, inspired by spiritual recitation practiced through the
ages in the Islamic World. This initiative is aimed at creating a platform to
present Islamic Spiritual repertoire and form an inclusive male and female
choir embracing the various Muslim and non-Muslim communities. The purpose of
this undertaking is to reach out  and spread a message of peace and
harmony, through performing works from a rich global Islamic heritage, and
innovate on traditional oral work with modern techniques and compositions.

Diversity is celebrated through a repertoire
consisting of Islamic spirituals that include Zikr, Nashīds, Qasidas, and
Qawwali in various languages