A significant aspect of the choral endeavour is the outreach programming, the objectives of which are to encourage and support family welfare by reaching out whenever the need arises.

Women’s International Day was celebrated by the Denera Training Institute, a vocational training arm of the Fathima Welfare Center, home to orphans (girls) in Colombo. The Muslim Choral Ensemble volunteered their support to help manage the programme of events for the day,  culminating with a performance by MCE. 

APE GAMA - Outreach program by Hemas Holdings PLC Focusing on Empowering and Educating Underprivileged Children

Revived a small home industry to enable economic support to a family

A rendition of spiritual recitations during the visit of HE Julie Chung, Ambassador of the USA in Sri Lanka to the Jummah Masjid and the shrine of Sheikh Usman Waliyullah, Colombo

ADINU premiered on Facebook and You Tube on the 21st of September 2022, in collaboration with Voices 21c and the Muslim Choral Ensemble. Directed by Professor Andre de Quadros

MCE visited a group of Rohingya families in transit in Colombo and gifted supplies and house-hold implements